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Senior Vice President of Publicity and Marketing at Archie Comics and Editor of Dark Circle Comics. My first novel, Silent City, is out now from Codorus Press. It's a mystery set in Miami. I'm in a band: Faulkner Detectives. We play in and around NYC. Born and raised in Miami. I've written some comics, including ARCHIE MEETS KISS. I live in lovely Kew Gardens, Queens with my awesome wife and our two cats, David Byrne and Mimi. Music, sports, movies, comics and book lover. This is my Tumblr. For more info, visit my website.
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Out today, my second Archie issue in a row – ARCHIE #660!

Unlike some of my previous Archie work – like ARCHIE MEETS KISS, “Occupy Riverdale” and last month’s zoo adventure (#659) – ARCHIE #660 is a fairly “classic” Archie tale. Our redheaded everyman makes the mistake of scheduling FOUR dates for the same night and enlists his pal Jughead to help him navigate the scheduling nightmare. Does he succeed? Does Reggie spoil the fun? You’ll have to pick up the issue – which is in shops today! The story is drawn by artist Jeff Shultz, who does a bang-up job with it.

Additionally, the issue sports a fancy “CONVENTION EXCLUSIVE” variant cover you can only get at this week’s New York Comic Con – drawn by the master himself (and the artist on ARCHIE MEETS KISS), Dan Parent. You can see some more preview pages at Comic Book Resources.

Check out a preview of the issue at Comic Book Resources, and be sure to pick up the issue at your local comic shop (use the Comic Shop Locator Service) or digitally by visiting the Archie Digital Comics Store!

And, speaking of New York Comic Con, I’ll be stationed at the Archie Comics booth most of the time and moderating all of our panels – including Archie Action, Archie Forever and Dark Circle.

I’ll also be signing at the Archie booth on Saturday, from 4-5pm. Swing by – I can sign any of my Archie work and anything else of mine you want to bring! Complete panel and signing details here.



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The big news of late: I’ll be writing ARCHIE #635 — Occupy Riverdale! The art features a stunning variant cover by Jill Thompson and beautiful interior art from Gisele. It comes out in July, so please check it out if you can!

This week also saw the finale of ARCHIE MEETS KISSARCHIE #630 — hit the stands. Kind of surreal to think I’ve written five comics in the last year or so. So far, the feedback, reviews and general reception to ARCHIE MEETS KISS has been great, and most people seem to “get” what we (artist Dan Parent and I) were trying to do: create a fun, silly, entertaining and wacky comic book. The collection, both as a collector’s edition HC and regular TPB, hits May 1. Feel free to pre-order it. :)

Other writing things: I’m putting together three different proposals and diving into my third novel. I have a very loose outline and a few thousand words, so I’m excited to see where it’s going. The proposals are in varying stages and things are way too early to talk about in more detail, but I’m stoked for each one! More TK, as the journalists say.

Thanks for reading!

Ha! Reaction to ARCHIE MEETS KISS #1, via ourvaluedcustomers, @agent_m and @brettwhite:

Angrily regarding ARCHIE MEETS KISS #1…

WONDERFUL ARCHIE MEETS KISS review from @jimmccann and @theblairbutler at @g4tv’s @freshinkonline! Wow. Thanks so much. (via Fresh Ink Online -

A few links of note: ARCHIE #627 (ARCHIE MEETS KISS part 1)

Finally have a chance to sit down and compile some of the great reviews and comments the book’s been getting over the last few days. Really excited and thankful everyone seems to be enjoying the work Dan Parent and I put into the book.

A big hat tip should go to KISS for reaching out to us and to everyone at Archie that had a hand in getting the book done — especially Jon Goldwater, Mike Pellerito, Victor Gorelick, Stephen Oswald, Steven Scott, Suzannah Rowntree, Ellen Leonforte, Bill Horan, Harold Bucholz, Debbie Monserrate, Jamie Rotante, Jon Gray, Paul Kaminski, Vintern Lovallo, inker Rich Koslowski, cover guru Tito Pena, letterer supreme Jack Morelli and the colorists at Digikore. I can’t say enough about my colleagues at Archie, who were invaluable with feedback, suggestions and support while this was coming together. Why was I writing this blog again? Oh, right. Reviews. And more.

As I posted earlier, CBR’s got an interview with Gene and Paul about the series, and it’s so much fun to watch. Dan and I were in the background as this was being filmed. Very cool stuff. Thanks to Jonah Weiland and his crew for taking the time to talk before the signing.

CNN’s GEEKOUT blog kicked things off Wednesday with a nice mention, including the book in their weekly roundup of titles to buy, calling #627 “a fun book” and noting that “it left me wanting to know what happens next.” Alright!

BIG SHINY ROBOT notes that “the awesomeness dial is turned up to 11!” with the issue. They also very kindly suggest I write more. Well, there are three more of these on the way! Thanks, gents.

Iann Robinson, writing for CRAVE ONLINE, calls the issue “pretty frickin’ cool” and that “you’ll be amped by Archie #627!” Thanks, dude!

The COMIC VINE crew very generously gave the issue five stars out of five, and had this to say: “The issue was a ton of fun and kept me smiling from the first to last page.”

Elisabeth and the rest of the TFAW crew also had nice things to say in this video interview

The iFanboy posse gave props to variant cover artist Francesco Francavilla, including his work in their regular “The Best of the Week in Covers” feature.

Brigid Alverson gives the issue a quick plug as part of CBR/Robot 6’s “Food or Comics?” feature.

They can’t all be winners, though, as IGN gave us a bit of a middling review. Still, they had some nice things to say, calling the issue “silly fun” and, when discussing Francesco’s variant, that “Archie has never rocked harder.” I’ll take it. Thanks for reading!

Also worth noting, KOTAKU included #627 in their weekly comics roundup, courtesy of Stephen Totillo and the always cool Evan Narcisse. 

And a big thanks to MTV Geek’s Alex Zalben, not just for calling me “delightful” — the check’s in the mail, sir — but for calling the issue “essential reading.” Good stuff.

Not a review, but related: L.A.-based comedian Corey Blake attended the Golden Apple signing on Wednesday night and had a few insightful comments. Thanks for coming, Corey!

More as it happens…

Awesome! ourvaluedcustomers on ARCHIE MEETS KISS!

Hey! Via @cbr/Comic Book Resources! EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: “Archie Meets KISS”

Hey! It’s me and my ARCHIE MEETS KISS collaborator Dan Parent at the @archiecomics booth!

Neat!: Archie and his friends reinvented as members of the Batman family, by Mike DeCarlo. (via contextisfortheweak, @comicsalliance and @agent_m)

(via comicsalliance)

I’m interviewed over at @FirstComicsNews about Archie meets KISS. Still feels weird to be the one doing the interviews, but I think I’m getting the hang of it. ARCHIE #627, part 1 of ARCHIE MEETS KISS, hits in November.

Over at @MulhollandBooks, @MeganEAbbott is interviewed @missSaraGran. I just finished reading Abbott’s THE END OF EVERYTHING and was very impressed. She does a wonderful job of getting into the mind of a young girl wracked by tragedy and weaves a compelling and surprising mystery. Good stuff. I also highly recommend Gran’s CLAIRE DEWITT AND THE CITY OF THE DEAD, which I read right before EVERYTHING, coincidentally.