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Senior Vice President of Publicity and Marketing at Archie Comics and Editor of Red Circle Comics. My first novel, Silent City, is out now from Codorus Press. It's a mystery set in Miami. I'm in a band: Faulkner Detectives. We play in and around NYC. Born and raised in Miami. I've written some comics, including ARCHIE MEETS KISS. I live in lovely Kew Gardens, Queens with my awesome wife and our two cats, David Byrne and Mimi. Music, sports, movies, comics and book lover. This is my Tumblr. For more info, visit my website.
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Movie illustrations by Massimo

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Stuffed animal jailbreak.

Spring. #nofilter

Things Like That.

Things Like That.

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Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, Dark Passage, 1947

Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, Dark Passage, 1947

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How high can you jump
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Not very.

Avengers #262, December 1985, cover by John Buscema and Tom Palmer

Amazing Tomar Hanuka Movie Poster Art @comicsalliance

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heh. heh. hehehehehheheheh.

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So anyway, all I wanted to do was be in bands. That’s all I wanted to do. I was so bummed out because rock bands do not want girls in their band at all. There were just no girls in the band in Dayton, Ohio. Even Pollard from Guided By Voices would say ‘no bleeders.’ And he’s acting like he’s joking but everyone knows he’s not joking. ‘No bleeders in the band.’ So I always just wanted to be in bands and no one around here would play.

Sonic Youth, CBGB, 13th December 1981. Photo © Catherine Ceresole.

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Moon Knight #26 cover by Bill Sienkiewicz

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